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Mathematical discoveries from program search with large language models
B. Romera-Paredes*, M. Barekatain*, A. Novikov*, M. Balog*, P. Kumar*, E. Dupont*, F. Ruiz*, J. Ellenberg, P. Wang, O. Fawzi, P. Kohli, A. Fawzi*


C3: High-performance and low-complexity neural compression from a single image or video
H. Kim*, M. Bauer*, L. Theis, J. Schwarz, E. Dupont*


Deep Stochastic Processes via Functional Markov Transition Operators
J. Xu, E. Dupont, K. Märtens, T. Rainforth, Y. W. Teh
NeurIPS 2023


Spatial Functa: Scaling Functa to ImageNet Classification and Generation
M. Bauer*, E. Dupont, A. Brock, D. Rosenbaum, J. Schwarz, H. Kim*
ICLR 2023 Neural Fields Workshop



Neural Networks as Data
E. Dupont
Oxford University Research Archive


COIN++: Neural Compression Across Modalities
E. Dupont*, H. Loya*, M. Alizadeh, A. Goliński, Y. W. Teh, A. Doucet
Github repo 👩‍💻
TMLR 2022


From data to functa: Your data point is a function and you can treat it like one
E. Dupont*, H. Kim*, A. Eslami, D. Rezende, D. Rosenbaum
Github repo 👩‍💻
ICML 2022



COIN: COmpression with Implicit Neural representations
E. Dupont*, A. Goliński*, M. Alizadeh, Y. W. Teh, A. Doucet
Github repo 👩‍💻
ICLR 2021 Neural Compression Workshop Spotlight 🎉


Generative Models as Distributions of Functions
E. Dupont, Y. W. Teh, A. Doucet
Github repo 👩‍💻
AISTATS 2022 Oral 🌟



LieTransformer: Equivariant self-attention for Lie Groups
M. Hutchinson*, C. Le Lan*, S. Zaidi*, E. Dupont, Y. W. Teh, H. Kim
Github repo 👩‍💻
ICML 2021


Equivariant Neural Rendering
E. Dupont, M. A. Bautista, A. Colburn, A. Sankar, C. Guestrin, J. Susskind, Q. Shan
Github repo 👩‍💻
ICML 2020



Augmented Neural ODEs
E. Dupont, A. Doucet, Y. W. Teh
Github repo 👩‍💻
NeurIPS 2019



Probabilistic Semantic Inpainting with Pixel Constrained CNNs
E. Dupont, S. Suresha
Github repo 👩‍💻


Learning Disentangled Joint Continuous and Discrete Representations
E. Dupont
Github repo 👩‍💻
NeurIPS 2018


Generating Realistic Geology Conditioned on Physical Measurements with Generative Adversarial Networks
E. Dupont, T. Zhang, P. Tilke, L. Liang, W. Bailey
ICML 2018 TADGM Workshop