An up to date list of publications can be found on my Google Scholar profile.

Equivariant Neural Rendering
E. Dupont, M. A. Bautista, A. Colburn, A. Sankar, C. Guestrin, J. Susskind, Q. Shan
ICML 2020


Augmented Neural ODEs
E. Dupont, A. Doucet, Y. W. Teh
Github repo
NeurIPS 2019


Probabilistic Semantic Inpainting with Pixel Constrained CNNs
E. Dupont, S. Suresha
Github repo


Learning Disentangled Joint Continuous and Discrete Representations
E. Dupont
Github repo
NeurIPS 2018


Generating Realistic Geology Conditioned on Physical Measurements with Generative Adversarial Networks
E. Dupont, T. Zhang, P. Tilke, L. Liang, W. Bailey
ICML 2018 TADGM Workshop